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July 2013 : News models Piles, Gijon, Salou, Pesaro and Lecce
May 2013 :
News models Aix and Ouessant
March 2013 :
News models Dénia, Cheyenne and Palermo
February 2013 : News models Oxford, Monza and Lugano
January 2013 : 
News models Papeete and Zurich
November 2012 : News models Belle Ile, Bréhat, Ré and Oléron
September 2012 :
News models Ankara, Caracas, Hawai, Sao Paulo and new colori for Alborg et Chelsea

Näko design

was founded over 3 years. Its name is Finnish and means "vision".Its objective is to make its frames an asset of seduction. The time of conventional frames which hide all your sensuality is over !
Nako the revolution has arrived! ... Dare Näkö ! Join us!

The collection evolves throughout the year.
Do not hesitate to visit our website regularly.
See you soon ...